This Is Pregnancy and Baby Loss

Have you experienced pregnancy loss? Or have one of your children been stillborn? I am so sorry if you have and I’m sending you a hug. There are no words that will make your pain go away, whether you lost your baby at six weeks or at term. In This is Pregnancy and Baby Loss, you’ll read short stories from other bereaved parents who share honestly their emotions. You’ll read that how you’re feeling is normal and that it’s OK to grieve, not only for your child but also your dreams.


The pain following baby loss, whether early or later in pregnancy, is invisible to everyone else, which often results in you, the parents and your family, not receiving the emotional support you deserve, all because society is uncomfortable talking about it.

In This is Pregnancy and Baby Loss, you’ll read real-life short stories from the baby loss community; women and men who know what it’s like to have their dreams and life plans snatched away from them. They understand your pain, anger, sadness, and grief, so they share:
• That it wasn’t your fault
• It’s normal to grieve and it’s OK; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
• That loss is loss, and your loss is the same as any other loss
• We all encounter unhelpful, insensitive comments – and some tips for how to deal with them
• That men suffer too but it may look different
• All your feelings are valid
• Even though all our stories are unique, the emotions we experience are the same and you are normal for having these feelings.

This is Pregnancy and Baby Loss has also been written for:

• Patient facing staff who have never personally experienced pregnancy or baby loss
• Practitioners who are supporting the baby loss community, and
• Health care professionals who are caring for men and women who are dealing with loss at any stage during their pregnancy.

The baby loss community is here for you, offering love, support and understanding on every page.
Consider gifting a copy of this book to family and friends to help them understand what you’ve been, or are, going through.

This book is available as an eBook and paperback, click on the ‘Buy From Amazon’ button for your copy.  (For every sale, a small donation is made to an appropriate charity in the country the sale was made in. Now you’re helping people too).