two week wait

This Is The Two Week Wait

This is the Two Week Wait has also been written for those who have never struggled to get pregnant, so haven’t had to pee on a ovulation stick or invite a team of medical staff into ‘the bedroom’, and have never dreaded the arrival of ‘aunt flo’. If you know of someone who is struggling to get pregnant and/or is going through fertility treatment like IVF or IUI, and aren’t sure how to support them, This is the Two Week Wait is the perfect book for you, to help you understand and be supportive, and to steer clear of inadvertently saying something insensitive.

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This is Trying To Conceive

If you find yourself reading this book, you have my heartfelt support, because potentially you’ve been trying to become
pregnant and have a baby for quite some time. Or, perhaps you’re reading it because someone you care about has gifted it
to you, or maybe it was recommended to you, so that you can understand what it’s really like to cope with infertility.

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The Best Fertility Jargon Book

The Best Fertility Jargon Buster

Introduction to The Best Fertility Jargon Buster A number of things happen when you are faced with fertility challenges:

  • you notice pregnant women and babies everywhere when you never noticed them before
  • you can’t seem to control your emotions every month when your period (or AF) arrives
  • you dread logging onto social media in case there’s ANOTHER pregnancy announcement from someone who WASN’T trying
  • and, this one is very strange, but you have to learn a new language!

Have you ever been scrolling on social media and you see a post that reads: “I’m in my 2ww and am 5dp3dt…..” and “We’re on
CY#5, FET and I’m determined I’m GTC!”. See, a foreign language I tell you! It would definitely help to reduce your anxiety and stress
on this journey if you understood a little more.

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My Fertility Book

My Fertility Book

An infertility survivor and Mum to a miracle, rainbow daughter, I have explained all the fertility and infertility medical and non-medical terms you need to know if you are finding it challenging to get pregnant, or you are thinking about getting pregnant.

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