FREE EBook – The Best Fertility Jargon Buster

The Best Fertility Jargon Book
The Best Fertility Jargon Book

When you’re thrust into the world of infertility, you’ll find yourself learning a new language, just to add to your stress. Wait! What! There’s a whole heap of slang words not dissimilar to texting, such as ttc, LOR, FSH and 5dp5dt. But don’t panic, this little FREE eBook has got your back. It lists over 250 common medical and non-medical abbreviations and acronyms.
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If you’ve recently found out that getting pregnant may take longer than you thought, then you’re likely feeling devastated, anxious, worried and frustrated. To add to your stress, you’ll also soon see that you need to learn a new language – and fast – to understand what is being written on social media posts and websites.

It doesn’t feel very helpful or supportive when you first dip your toe into the online trying to conceive (ttc) community – let me reassure it, it really is supportive. But it’s like anything new and you’ll soon get familiar with this new lingo, especially if you download this handy little guide.

The reason for the abbreviations and acronyms is because a lot of medical terms are Latin, long and/or difficult to spell, so having everything abbreviated is far easier. Fortunately they do make sense, such as LOR = low ovarian reserve and 5dp5dt = 5 days post 5 day transfer.

The Best Fertility Jargon Buster lists over 250 medical and non-medical abbreviations and acronyms. Some you’ll recognise from outside of the fertility world, such as FOMO, TIA, TMI, but most are fertility related.

If you want to learn more about each abbreviation/acronym you may want to check out my book My Fertility Book – all the fertility and infertility explanations you’ll ever need, from A to Z . Written in a jargon-free, non medical way, and including simple illustrations to explain medical procedures, this book will help you feel in control of your fertility journey. It’s also a helpful book if you work with the TTC community as a fertility coach, mentor or counsellor.