The Best Fertility Jargon Buster


The Best Fertility Jargon Book
The Best Fertility Jargon Book

Introduction to The Best Fertility Jargon Buster A number of things happen when you are faced with fertility challenges:

  • you notice pregnant women and babies everywhere when you never noticed them before
  • you can’t seem to control your emotions every month when your period (or AF) arrives
  • you dread logging onto social media in case there’s ANOTHER pregnancy announcement from someone who WASN’T trying
  • and, this one is very strange, but you have to learn a new language!

Have you ever been scrolling on social media and you see a post that reads: “I’m in my 2ww and am 5dp3dt…..” and “We’re on
CY#5, FET and I’m determined I’m GTC!”. See, a foreign language I tell you! It would definitely help to reduce your anxiety and stress
on this journey if you understood a little more.


The most concise A to Z list of fertility abbreviations and acronyms you will ever need.



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