My Fertility Book

Are you overwhelmed with all the information you need to feel in control of your infertility journey? It’s not surprising as there’s such much to learn in order to understand what the doctor or nurse are talking about at appointments.

This jargon-free book explains over 300 medical and non-medical fertility and infertility terms, from ‘Acupuncture’ to ‘Zinc’. There are also simple illustrations help with the explanations of some medical terms and procedures. It will save you from the rabbit whole that is Google, but it doesn’t replace the advice of a healthcare professional.


Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the fertility and infertility information available?

Don’t know where to start so that you understand what your fertility doctor or nurse is saying at your appointment?

Find yourself for hours in the fertility rabbit hole that is Google?

My Fertility Book explains all the fertility and infertility medical and non-medical terms you need to know if you are finding it challenging to get pregnant, or you are thinking about getting pregnant.

  • Phrased simply and without jargon, you will quickly and easily understand over 300 terms making it easier for you to carry out further research if you need to
  • Many of the explanations are accompanied by sensitively drawn illustrations and infographics. To lighten the detail of some terms, you’re also treated to a little bit of humour in the form of cartoons
  • Don’t miss the mind-blowing step-by-step (26 in total) explanation of all the ingredients that go into making each miracle that is a baby, nor the interesting fertility facts on the first page of each letter
  • A MUST read whether you are finding it a battle to get pregnant or you are an expert working in the fertility area.

This book is available as an eBook and paperback, click on the ‘Buy From Amazon’ button for your copy.  (For every sale, a small donation is made to a fertility charity in the country the sale was made in. Now you’re helping people too).