This is IVF and Other Fertility Treatments

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Have you recently found out you’ll need fertility treatment, such as IVF, to start or grow your family? Or are you starting another cycle and would like some emotional support as you navigate the appointments, meds and scans? This is IVF and Other Fertility Treatments is a collection of short, true-life stories from infertility warriors – they share honestly their emotions, tips and thoughts about doing IVF and fertility treatments. This book is a valuable tool in your toolbox.



Have you recently found out you’ll need fertility treatment to get pregnant? Are you currently preparing to do an IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) cycle? Or maybe you have gone through a couple of other treatments that were unsuccessful, and you’ve now decided to do IVF?

There are physical things you’ll do, such as:
• Inject hormones
• Pop pessaries somewhere you’d rather not think about!
• Have numerous scans (hello Wanda, again!), and blood tests
• Plus, remember stats, facts, dates and so much new information.

However, there’s a part of going through treatments that you can’t see, and you won’t yet know how it’s going to affect you; your emotions and mental health:
• You worry every minute, every day whether this cycle will work
• The hormones will wreak havoc with your mood – think PMT on speed
• One minute you’re positive Polly, the next minute negative Nancy appears.

All of this is normal and has been experienced by the infertility warriors who’ve shared their true emotions and thoughts as short stories in This is IVF and Other Fertility Treatments

The TTC community is here for you, offering love, support and understanding on every page.

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