This is Trying To Conceive

Are to struggling to get pregnant? Do other people keep asking you when you’re starting a family? If you have told family or friends, have you given up because they just don’t get it? I’m sorry if this is happening to you. This is Trying To Conceive is a collection of short, true-life stories from infertility warriors – they share honestly their emotions, tips and thoughts so you don’t feel alone, wherever you are on your journey to parenthood.

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Are you struggling to conceive? Do you feel no-one else understands what it’s like dealing with infertility? Wouldn’t it be great to read real-life experiences from others who have had their own rollercoaster journey?

Infertility sucks and it takes over your thoughts every day and night. Nobody chooses to have infertility, and, if you have been dealt this hand, know that you are not alone. I, and the amazing contributors in this book, have either had our own personal infertility struggle or support women and men like you. We all want to help you by sharing our experience of infertility, so that you to can survive and rise above this testing time in your life.

In This is Trying to Conceive, you’ll read that:
• Your feelings about infertility are perfectly normal
• We all feel jealous of our pregnant BFF
• It’s OK, and healthy, to grieve that you’re not holding your baby in your arms yet
• It’s so important to laugh and find humour in your life whilst trying to conceive
• We all find pregnancy announcements and baby showers hard

The TTC community is here for you, offering love, support and understanding on every page.

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