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I’m glad you’ve found me and my books, but I’m sorry you are needing to find support and help as you deal with your journey to parenthood. I absolutely know what you are going through, as I’ve been there – for six long years – and although it was a few years ago, the emotional feelings I had then are the same as you, and others, are having now. The science around infertility and fertility treatments advances quickly, but our thoughts and emotions towards wanting a baby and a family are the same now as they were centuries ago. And it’s heart-breaking and so very unfair. The one big, positive difference is that today, people are more willing to be open and to share about their emotions and how hard their journey was, so that you don’t feel alone and lonely.

I’m passionate about helping you, which is why I’ve published my ‘This Is’ series of books, which are chock full of short, relevant stories from women and men who have also dealt with, or are still dealing with, infertility, fertility treatments, and pregnancy and baby loss. More books will be added to the series – pregnancy after infertility and loss, donor conception, and male factor infertility – so please do check back regularly. If you would like to share your experience in one of the future books, please feel free to contact me via the ‘Contact’ form to find out more. Thank you.

In June 2021 I’ll be launching a book that I have co-authored with a fertility nurse Yemi Adegbile called ‘Infertility, IVF, Miscarriage and Baby Loss: heart-breaking yet inspiring stories of their struggle to conceive, from Black, Indigenous, Women of Color around the world’. Similar to my ‘This is’ series, this book is a collection of true stories.

Also, if you sign up for my FREE eBook ‘The Best Fertility Jargon Buster’ – basically a list of infertility abbreviations and acronyms (details just below), you can join my newsletter, (I won’t bombard you with emails and you can unsubscribe at any time), where I share more about all things infertility and loss.

Being an author, it’ll come as no surprise that I LOVE reading, and there are some must-read books on the many subjects surrounding infertility – mindset, nutrition, holistic medicine and memoires; as well as grief and loss – be it embryo’s not developing, embryo’s not sticking, early miscarriage, late miscarriage and baby loss. If you’re on Instagram I do regular #fertilitybookslives where I chat with other authors about their story to parenthood, why they wrote their book and how their book could help you. 

Please do contact me about anything that you read here, I am always happy to help you in any way. 

My very best wishes

Sheila xx

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What others say about MFS Books
Fertility and Infertility has a language all of its own and if you want to learn it, this is the book to read. Sheila Lamb has tirelessly compiled the most comprehensive listing of fertility abbreviations and acronyms you will ever need and in doing so has given a huge gift to everyone struggling to conceive.
Jessica Hepburn
Fertility Author
Having been through many cycles of IVF years ago (and having got there - my daughter is now 15) I romped through this Fertility Jargon Buster. How well I remember the abbreviations AF meaning Aunt Flo (period); LO meaning Love Olympics; and BMS meaning Baby Making Sex (there was no other kind back then!). Delightful new jargon for me was PUTB meaning Pillow Under The Butt (though I recall doing this on many occasions!) and PMPL meaning Peeing My Pants Laughing. Belly laughs are rare when you’re going through IVF - but sometimes they’re so necessary. A wonderful little book.
Diana Chandler
Author of Moondance
This guide is fantastic and a must for everyone starting out on their fertility journey. The internet is an incredible way to seek support but as soon as you go down the rabbit hole of Google, you are instantly overwhelmed by a whole new language of terms and acronyms. The book is a quick reference of all those weird acronyms so you can decipher what on earth everyone is talking about, and start finding the support and advice you need.
Nicola Salmon
Feminist Fertility Coach

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